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Ware Historical Society

2014 Programs and Events

Ware Center Meeting House
and Museum will be OPEN

August 23 - 1 to5 PM

Grange Fair and Museum Tours

Ware Center Meeting House and Museum will be OPEN and so will the Grange!
  • Come to Ware Center for the Grange Fair.
  • View the exhibits in the old two room school house
  • Visit Ware’s own museum next door in the Meeting House
  • Enjoy supper at the Grange at their Good Old-fashioned Baked Bean Supper
  • Following the supper will be the auction and penny sale
Why go elsewhere? Come spend the day at our very own Fair and Museum!

7:00 - 9:00 PM Exhibits Received

9:00 - 11:00 AM Exhibits Received

11:30 AM All Exhibits must be in place
Hall Closed to the Public

12:00 PM Exhibits Judged
5:00 - 8:00 PM Hall Open to the Public
9:00 AM hall Opens to the Public ALL DAY
Penny Sale
Bake Sale
Tag Sale
Menu: Ham, Baked Beans, Potato Salad
Cole Slaw, Vegetables, Rolls & Butter
Dessert, Coffee, Milk
Adults $8.00; Children under 12 $4.00

7:00 PM Auction of Fruits & Vegetables After the Auction Raffle & Penny Sale Winners Drawn
This Meeting House is a national treasure and the museum has been a long time in the making. This is a place that gives a glimpse into our town’s heritage and townspeople and is a joint effort between the Proprietors of the Ware Center Meeting House and the Ware Historical Society. We hope everyone will join us by visiting the museum this summer.” The museum is located on Route 9 in Ware and is listed on the 1000 places to visit in Massachusetts.

Those who come to Ware’s own museum in the Meeting House (Open for tours 1 to5 PM on August23) will see that Members of the Ware Historical Society are all about home sewing this season. On view are a quilt frame with a quilt top in progress signed by the ladies who worked on it. There are lots of beautiful sewing implements on view, from needles and thimbles to sewing baskets and bins which are round, square, stepped and hinged, to pincushions in dozens of shapes and sizes. These are the implements used and loved to shape the fabric which became the clothing and decorative and functional articles which were affirmation of family relationships and values.

Before the word recycling was ever coined, women gave new life to old fabrics by darning, making quilts and refashioning clothes to make them serve a longer time. For many years they did all that with the simplest tools: scissors, needle and thread.

Please bring your quilts to display in our beautiful 1799 meeting house in the second floor sanctuary. The quilts can be new or old, made by you or part of a personal collection.

The display will be guarded by white glove ladies. It will be managed by Historical Society members and quilters who will be present to talk about their quilts.
The quilts will be delivered to Martha Rohan on September 12 at The Ware Center Meeting House between the hours of 1 and 4 or by appointment

The display at the Ware Center Meeting House and Museum will be open for visitors on September 13 from 9 to 4 PM. Quilts may be removed after 5 pm September 13.

Please be part of our special program. Call Marty at 413-967-6135, Polly 413-967-6882, or Julie 413-967-6616 to reserve a place for your quilt.
The Ware Historical Society’s mission is to keep alive the historic crafts and share their beauty and importance with the community. Quilts and hand crafts demonstrate not only the creativity of the sewers, but the idea that the things they made convey personal style and social values. Come appreciate the handiwork.

Bigger and Better Than Ever

Ware Fair and Flea Market

September 13, 2014

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

  • Quilts in the Sanctuary Exhibit
Bring your quilts, new, old, made by you or part of a personal collection, to display in our beautiful 1799 meeting house in the second floor sanctuary.

Display open for visitors on September 13 from 9 to 4 PM.

Quilts may be removed after 5 pm on September 13.

  • guarded by white glove ladies.
  • managed by Historical Society members and quilters who will be present to talk about their quilts.
The quilts should be delivered to Martha Rohan on September 12 at The Ware Center Meeting House between the hours of 1 and 4 or by appointment. Call Marty at 967-6135 to register.

  • Venders
10’ x 10’ areas for $10.00 - 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Get a jump on your Holidays sales, Crafters, Artists, Tag Salers, and those with good old stuff and whatnots to sell !! Reserve your spot on our historic green!

Call Polli at 967-6882 or Julie at 967-6616 to make that reservation!!

  • Apple Pie Baking Contest
Pies will be accepted until 12:30 September 13. Judging will take place at 1:15. Call 967-6682 for more information.

Questions??? Call 967-6882.

  • Yummy food served all day
  • Guided tours of the museum start at 9:00 AM with three new displays
    Jim Waz, Meeting House historian and caretaker and members of the Ware Historical Society will lead tours
  • Quilts in the Sanctuary, display of quilts upstairs
  • A Stitch in Time, exhibit of antique sewing implements in the schoolroom - a quilt top in progress, needles and thimbles, sewing baskets and bins, pincushions, scissors, needles and thread.
  • Ladies’ Parlor with Mrs. Breckenridge, aka Cindi LaBombard
  • Standing tour of Ware Center on the green at 10:00 with Julie Bullock
  • Cemetery tour with Polli McCrystal starts by front door
  • Jazz lunch featuring Paper Moon from 11:00 to 1:00.
  • Our first ever apple pie contest (submit by 12:30 – judged at 1:15)
  • Tag sale runs all day with extra special items this year
  • Our Silent Auction boasts some of the most unique gifts in town.
  • 10’ x 10’ areas for $10.00
    Crafters, Artists, tag salers, those with good old stuff, whatnots to sell, get a jump on your Holidays sales!

    Come join us! You won't want to miss it!

    • A Stitch in Time Quilt Exhibit

      The Ware Historical Society will be hosting a quilt exhibit at The Ware Center Meeting House and Museum as part of the Annual Fair and Flea Event presented by the Proprietors of the Ware Center Meeting House. The annual Fair will also feature 10’ x 10’ spaces for venders for $10.00, a silent auction, historic presentations, food and opportunities to explore the earliest part of Ware including it’s cemetery and Meeting House. This could be our biggest Fair ever on
    September 13 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

    The Ware Historical Society meets in the Ware Senior Center, 1 Robbins Road (behind Cumberland Farms, West Street)
    on the third Wednesday of the month (not July, August, January, February)
    unless otherwise noted.
    For evening meetings, refreshments and conversation begin at 6:30 and programs begin at 7:00 PM.

    ~Quaboag and Nipmuc Indians
    The Quaboag and Nipmuck Indians:
    The Quaboag Indians, A Loup People and the Nipmucks of the Upper Quinebaug River Valley
    by Mr. Donald Duffy
    The Quaboags were a people of the Wolf and the same as others in the Connecticut River Valley. The Nipmucks of the Upper Quinebaug River Valley were their neighbors to their south and a different people. Both peoples followed their own path as they reacted to the exploding English population into southern New England.

    Paperback List Price: $22.00


    A new
    History of Ware, Massachusetts
    1961 to the present

    The third History of Ware to be written in 150 years is now available. The Ware 250th Anniversary Book Group collected information and and wrote about our town

    Read about events and people you may know who are part of Ware's history!
    Wednesday Meetings at 6:30
    Call 413-967-6882 to reserve your copy!
    A Look at Ware’s Past Through the Story of a Local Family

    The Kaplans of Ware, Massachusetts
    by Stephen Robert Katz

    In chronicling the Kaplans’ lives and their contributions to the community, this book portrays a vibrant era in Ware’s history and recalls townspeople, businesses, and events of that time.

    The author, a Kaplan descendant, was born in Ware.

    Around the turn of the twentieth century, several members of the Kaplan family of Stakliskes, Lithuania, immigrated to America. Among them were three brothers who settled in the central Massachusetts town of Ware. Initially peddlers, two later became prominent merchants and developed part of the town’s business district.
    Drawn from contemporary documents and records, this book chronicles the family’s many contributions to commercial, civic and religious life in Ware. Of particular interest to current and former residents of Ware and neighboring towns, the book records the history of two commercial blocks erected by the Kaplans in the heart of Ware’s Main Street business district, tracing the flow of the numerous businesses and organizations that were located in those buildings over the years. It also profiles various civic institutions and charitable, fraternal and religious organizations in Ware and describes the role played by Kaplan family members in them. Throughout, the book recounts significant events and colorful anecdotes that are part of the history of the town.


    Book about Ware and Native Americans
    Around Pottequadic by Donald Duffy

    Read about the Quaboag Indians, the Scots-Irish settlement in Palmer, Ware, and West Warren, and the Shaw District in Palmer and Ware.

    The author is Donald Duffy from Palmer, Massachusetts, former Teacher of Music in the Ware Public Schools.

    His book is available through the Ware Historical Society, 413-967-6882 for $22.00.

    Statement of Purpose
    The goal of the Ware Historical Society is to preserve local artifacts and information, to promote local historical research and educational activities, and to develop the community’s awareness of its unique historical heritage.

    The Ware Historical Society invites all persons, businesses and organizations who are interested in the preservation of local artifacts and information as well as the promotion of local historical research and educational activities, to join the Society and become involved in developing the community’s awareness of its unique historical heritage.


    Dues: $12 individual
    $20 family
    $25 business

    Please join!

    September 1 to August 31.

    Web site:




    Mailing address:

    Ware Historical Society
    C/o Cindi LaBombard
    P. O. Box 351
    Ware, MA 01082

    Message Service:

    PLEASE NOTE: This number is only for leaving messages and not where you will speak directly to officers and members.


    Leave your name, the spelling of your name, your number complete with area codes, and your question on the answering machine and someone will return your call.

    ********** We are happy to respond IF you leave a COMPLETE phone number, your question and the spelling of your name. We have had several requests whose contact information was incomplete and therefore unanswerable **********

    Officers and Board Members
    President: Julie Bullock
    Vice President: Polli McCrystal
    Secretary: Lynn Lak
    Treasurer: Cindi LaBombard
    Lauretta King
    Curator Emeritus: Milton Jordan
    Historian: Cindi LaBombard
    Security Officer of the Archives:
    Richard Towlson
    Members At Large of the Board of Directors:
    Corrine Campbell, Martha Rohan, Craig Simmons
    Ways and Means:
    Lynn Lak, Martha Rohan, Ruth Gladys Boss
    Program Committee:
    Polli McCrystal, Julie Bullock, Cindi LaBombard, Lynn Lak, Gladys Ruth Boss
    Bev Sullivan, Andrea Humpel, Gladys Ruth Boss

    Donations of artifacts help to teach about the history of Ware.

    Financial donations fund preservation projects.

    Donations of time and effort accomplish great things.

    Please donate to our Past and to our Future!

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